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Exhibition of Hungarian Scuptors Society at the Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton USA, oktober 8. 2005 - april 30. 2006

As a sculptor with affinity to architecture I was glad to take part in the International Competition of the Tsunami Memorial Design.

It was a great honour for the designer team led by me that we had been chosen into the 10 teams with honourable mention. It was nice to see the similarity and the difference between the ways of thinking.

It was a pleasant feeling that simultaneously 700 teams concentrated on a very important subject and were humbly trying to remedy an old failure: to call the attention to an enormous value, the relationship between mankind and nature, and the relationship between human beings, respectively.

The Jury: "This sculptural, almost playful, project reflects the forms and properties of both water and nature. Its imaginative scope and looping pathways appealed to the Jury."

The project is on view HERE.


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