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1952 born in Budapest.

1977 Bachelor of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
1977 began his independent art career
1979 Master of Applied Arts, Postgraduate School of the University of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
1987 Master of Arts, Director–Cameraman Department of Hungarian Film Academy, Budapest, Hungary

Honors and Awards:
1989 his fine arts film titled "Prints" won first prize in Montreal (Canada) and second prize in Miskolc (Hungary).
1990 took part in Montreal Artistic Film Festival with his architectural film titled "Today's Home". Montreal, Canada
1992 his table titled "Birds Table" won second prise in The Exposition of Future's furniture. /Budapest/.
2002 his monumental glass sculpture titled "The Gates of Life" won second prise in The 4. International Exhibition: "Glass Sculpture and Garden" /Munster, Germany/.
2003 "A Drop of Water of the Oily Sea", competition on the relationship between the architecture of the 21st century and water, UIA, Union International of Architecture, Paris, France
2005 the designer team led by him was selected among the 10 teams to receive honorable mention in The International Competition on the Tsunami Memorial in Thailand
2006 he gave a lecture at the Philadelphia University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2007 he won a prize with his group in the Hungarian urban design competition: Pécs, European Capital of Culture

Professional Affiliations:
He is a member of the Hungarian Sculptor’s Society, the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists and the Union of Hungarian Fine Artists. He is a member of International Sculpture Center (ISC,USA), see . He regularly publishes articles about the relationship between architecture and public space sculptures, e.g., in Alaprajz 2002/1; Budapesti Nap 2003.02.20; Alaprajz 2003/1/; 2007/3, Balkon 2007/2. and at (the best known Hungarian architectural Web site).

Selected Creative Output
His joint projects with architects are the organic part of many private and public places. For example:
ICE WORLD - Graphisoft Park, a 100 m2 plastic on public square, Budapest
FLYING - Skanska office-block, Budapest
BATHER - Office-block of Hungária Biztosító-Allianz, Budapest
TABERNACLE - St. Peter and Paul Church, Szentendre
GLASS WALL - Chapel of Franciscan Sisters,, Szentendre
GLASS RELIEFS, TABERNACLE - Holy Cross Church, Budapest
POWER - Plastic on public square, Munster (Germany)
GANZ - PIPES - public space sculpture (4x10x4 meter) CORTEN-Steel, Millennial Park, Budapest, Hungary
FREEDOM - (3x0.4x0.4 meter), Glass, Erzsebet ter, public park, Budapest, Hungary
VIRTUAL BRIDGE - (0.2x1.2x2.5 meter), Glass, Nuremberg. Germany

He has sculptures at numerous collectors, in several galleries of Europe and some are owned by the Glass Museum in Frauenau, Germany and the Ripple-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár, Hungary. His major publications (books) are BOJTI GLASS SCULPTOR (Pallas Kiadó, 1999); GLASS SCULPTURE AND HOUSE (Transparent Kiadó, 1999). He regularly participates in various symposia and exhibitions.

Individual exhibitions:
1995 - Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1996 - Opera House, Budapest
1997 - Habsburg Mansion (Golf Club), Máriavölgy
          - Cellar Gallery, Balatonboglár
          - Bank Center, Budapest
1998 - ARTEXPO, Art Hall, Budapest
1998 - Budapest Bank
1999 - Koós Károly Hall of the Union of Hungarian Building Artists, Budapest
2000 - Ericsson Gallery, Budapest
          - Gulácsy Gallery, Szeged
          - Art-Days, Kapolcs
          - Hannover Expo 2000, Hungarian pavilion
2001 - Thurzó Architect Gallery: " We are in the space"
2002 - Fundation Vasarely /Aix en Provence, France/
          - Gallery Susini /Aix en Provence, France/
          - 4.International Exhibition: Glass sculpture and Garden. Munster, Germany - II. Prise, for " GATES of LIFE".
          - Hungarian Embassy in Berlin:" Gate in the Gate".
          - Astra Zeneca Gallery: " Medi-Stations". /Budapest/
          - Városmajor Secondary School. "Water Installácion" by glass. /In memoriam Luis Barragán. /Budapest.
2004 - THE SPACE - one day exchibition, International Architectural Conference, Budapest

2005 - The "Transparent Power of the Space" (with Janos Vonnak, architect), Association of Hungarian Architects
2006 - "In Memoriam Béla Bartók" exhibition with Márton Bojti, Gallery Café Rodin, Szentendre, Hungary

In association:
1980 - Intelligence of the hand, Art Hall, Budapest
1982 - Studio of young applied artists, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1983 - Exhibition of industrial art, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1994 - Hungarian Institute, Paris
1995 - "Paradox - Glass - Art", Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
1995 - Exhibition of 5th Glass Symposium, OTP Bank Gallery, Budapest
2001 - Next and beyond sculpture, Art Hall, Budapest
          - Exhibition of Applied Arts, Art Hall, Budapest.
          - "Everything is different". Home of Hungarian. Budapest. /Hungarian Association of Sculpture/
2002 - 4-th International Exhibition: Glass sculpture and Garden, Munster, Germany, II. Prize for "GATES of LIFE"
2003 - Communiqué. / Hungarian Sculptors Association / ­- Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
          - Zeltnerschloss, Nuremberg: International Exhibition of Outdoor Sculptures.
          - Architecture and Glass sculpture.
             /Desidea Studio Budapest, with János Vonnák and László Vincze architects/
2004 - Union European: "Freedom" Budapest Erzsébet tér, Hungary
          - Tenth: "Feather in the wind" / Hungarian Sculptors Association /, Szombathely, Hungary
          - International Workshop in Tambacounda, /Senegal/
2005 - Union European: "Freedom", Erzsébet tér, Budapest, Hungary
          - International Workshop in Tambacounda, Senegal
          - Exhibition of Hungarian Sculptor Association, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey, USA
2006 - International Competition for the Tsunami Memorial in Thailand, Bangkok
          - European Sculpture Park, Veszprém, Hungary
          - Triangle Artists Workshop, New York, USA
2007 - "Power I." The 100th Jubilee Exhibition of Ericsson Gallery, Budapest
          - Urban Design Exibithion (Hungarian Chamber of Architectures)

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