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Creation activity
Environment and public space sculptures
Interieur sculptures
Virtual philosophy
Abstract sculptures
Lighting sculptures

As it is clear also from his autobiography, during the 26 years of his artistic carrier and his training he has never been influenced by the boundaries between the branches of art but just in the opposite, he has always been interested in passing them and finding connections.

Directly after having obtained his graduation as a designer , he made a photographic of 70sqm for the wall of the entrance hall of a theatre from the all-round photos of the moves of a rope-dancing girl. For the same place he designed also a wall clock made of glass and stainless steel indicating time by a point of light.

He has never subordinated his artistic jobs to the expectations of one single artistic form but he has chosen the form giving the most appropriate reply to the challenge.

Working with architects he completes the inner and outer spaces with large-scale glass sculptures. The joint application of land-art and glass sculpture attracts him.

When designing a park, he creates spatial compositions of the philosophy of the organic connection to architecture in the environmental conception.

To his creative manner the scale of public-place statutes is the nearest, where the natural and built elements of the environment exert inspiring effect on his activity.

He creates his interior designer works in adaptation to the specialities of the given architectural space, on the basis of individual inventions.

His autonomous sculptural works are continuously laying down sculptural tasks to be solved by himself, which he solves by exploring the endless opportunities of glass.

In his works first of all the sculptor's intellectual approach is the crucial point of view, and only after outlining that he decides for the material and technique most suitable to express his thoughts. On this way he arrives at the plans of a non-figurative sculpture or a sculpture based on the philosophy of virtuality.

His working method is characterised by a rapid and fresh, creative concentration. He shares his life with the task until the last minute of completing the composition.

His lighting sculptures are first of all sculptures, which through a minimal technical intervention become part of the space with a special strength and enrichment in light. Using his film-shooting abilities he creates light effects emphasising the characters of glass and metal.

His two-dimensional, relief-like mural works add graphic specialities and surfaces originating in and producible only with glass to the field of panel pictures, graphics.

His torsos minimally protruding from the two dimensions but imitating the possibility of walking around are the crystal-like spatial appearances of the infinite plastic wealth of a woman's body. The details of the shell-like body are stopped moments of movement, which are not lost from the full experience of space due to their transparency.

He is present with his drafts in the international competitions and symposia . In the competition "Architecture and water", in 2000, invited by U.I.A. he took part as a consultant together with architects. In 2003 he was the consultant of a drafting team which made the architectural and sculptural plans of the Freedom Park and Memorial Place in Pretoria, South-Africa (with Dóra Budinszky and Nóra Takács architects).

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